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Encinitas, CA 92024

Illuminating Archetypes by Lindsy Richards. Blog and Showcase of Hand Crafted Headpieces and Adornments. Based in Encinitas, Southern California.





 FLORA AURA CROWN headbands (product in shop)  The Flora Aura Crown is an original invention that was born out of frustration and necessity. Tired of using clumsy wire or raffia to make floral crowns, I had to do something about it! So with a little ingenuity a design was made that is truly functional and easy to use. The Flora Aura Crown allows anyone to be a crown making super star. Impress ALL with your sky's-the-limit arrangements. I am proud to say these babies are hand made in Los Angeles. And not only that, they are re-usable of course!  This is a guilt free product!                                                                                                                PATENT PENDING

FLORAL CROWN BAR FOR  EVENTS (public or private)   Make your event more interactive and memorable for guests with a crown making bar. I will help hosts come up with a 'flower story' that aligns with the party theme or season. Using Flora Aura Crowns, the guests will create masterpieces and adorn themselves.  PAYMENT OPTION 1: Event host purchases Flora Aura Crowns for the guests and they decorate them at the floral crown bar. Prices vary depending on quantities. PAYMENT OPTION 2: The Floral Crown Bar is self pay. Each guest pays $30 for headband and complimentary florals                                                                                                                                                                                   

FASHION SHOWS    For an exciting catwalk adorn your models with unique headpieces.

MODERN MYTHOLOGY  PHOTO SESSION  on location or in my studio, I bring the vibrational essence of the archetypes by creating custom handmade adornment for the subject to wear. The subject immerses and embodies the energy as I capture the beauty with my camera. The idea and hope is that when the subject sees the Self in the context of the myth/symbols within the image she can step outside of herself and recognize her own power and mystery. She awakens to her divinity, whether it be shadow or light.Through engaging the myths and archetypes one may find keys to unlock passages to the Self that are lost, forgotten, or undiscovered. My aim is for people to see themselves as mythical beings whose stories are unique yet universal. Ancient and modern. When we realize this we feel more of a belonging to the world.


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