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Encinitas, CA 92024

Illuminating Archetypes by Lindsy Richards. Blog and Showcase of Hand Crafted Headpieces and Adornments. Based in Encinitas, Southern California.


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Certifiably Mad Tea!

Lindsy Richards

One of my thrills in life is having people over to my studio for a little craft n' photo sesh. I supply the archetypal concept, the materials, and tech support, while my guests take it from there. It's an unleashing of the wild self... a mess making extravaganza... pure play.  And how amazing it is to watch the process unfold and to see the focus in their eyes as they create masterpieces. I am always stunned by the genius results, especially by children.

With the finished pieces we do a photo shoot to chronicle the fun and solidify the archetypal energy that was conjured. So my guests are really my conduits, they animate and illuminate the archetypes being called in. You see how this works? When playing with symbols and energies we are unlocking doors of secret passage-ways to Self. The archetypes work like medicine. They assist us in our return to wholeness. 

My good friend asked me to host a night for our daughters to make fascinator hats for her six year old's Mad Tea Birthday Party. Oh what a fun archetype this one is! The fascinator is an iconic symbol of the British society woman. Demure and proper with a twist of humor and a splash of crazy! I had never ventured into this territory before and now I am hooked. Sky is the limit..anything goes! Absolute madness. This project certainly unlocked a passage-way for me. I never knew I had the Aristocratic Brit thing in me. The crazy part.. well yes. The other stuff I mean.