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Encinitas, CA 92024

Illuminating Archetypes by Lindsy Richards. Blog and Showcase of Hand Crafted Headpieces and Adornments. Based in Encinitas, Southern California.


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Lindsy Richards

Wearing florals on the daily could change your life. With the Cuff its an easy thing to do. 


Lindsy Richards

Wearing florals on the daily could change your life. Just try it with the Flora Aura Cuff and watch the magic unfold.


Lindsy Richards

Midwives of the Void is an original visual Creation Myth by Lindsy Richards about the ancient Midwives who helped to birth the physical realm.. the Universe. 

On a microcosmic level it is a Creation Story of how all ideas, be it a book, a poem, a project, a business etc, come from Spirit and are manifested. How every idea we bring forth is like birthing a whole universe. However, often times we will kill off our ideas through doubt, neglect, excuses, or fear of judgement from the "Over-Culture".

The Midwives reside below in darkness where the mysterious recipe for life brews and churns in silence, on banks of mineral rich rivers that flow in total blackness, and where all precious gems are formed in the abyss. They emerge out of the cracks from the underworld when it is time to usher and protect new life coming into the field of Time and Space. They are guardians of newborns on the dangerous and difficult journey into the light. 


Lindsy Richards

When I go wandering with my girl I love bringing along the Floral Crown Bases for us to decorate. Foraging from the wild makes us feel like real woodland folk. It must be how fairies create their fabulous fashions.

Swallowtail Jig

Lindsy Richards

When I die I hope that heaven looks, sounds and tastes like The Shire. I actually cry every time I hear the movie score 'Concerning Hobbits'. My eyes well up right now just thinking about it actually! Wow, what a dork I am. But while I live in the most unhobbit-y place ever (So-Cal) maybe I can create moments and spaces where I feel like a hobbit. This Thanksgiving I convinced the tribe to put on floral crowns and do a little jig to the famous Swallowtail Jig. It didn't take much coercing or bribery, just a martini. They were all ready and willing! I think we all secretly wish for old timey fun like this. In fact I think we may have a new family tradition.